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Growing Friendships: A Kids' Guide to Making and Keeping Friends (2017)

Written with friendship expert Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore (also known as Dr. Friendtastic) and published by Beyond Words/Aladdin/Simon & Schuster, Growing Friendships is a fun, funny yet practical and comprehensive guide to navigating friendships for children aged 6-12. 

I'm extremely proud of this book for many reasons but one of the big ones is that we were able to create a friendship book that includes friendship situations and research-based advice not just for girls but for boys as well. I think our book is unique for that reason. Boys won't always "be boys" and often need to know where to turn for warmhearted guidance, just like girls. Our book provides the answers.

Growing Friendships Book Trailer

Praise for Growing Friendships:


"Funny, practical, and not at all preachy—Growing Friendships offers spot-on, research-based friendship advice for girls AND boys. Highly recommended! This must-read book is the Google Maps to friendship that every kid needs ”

Author of Unselfie, Michele Borba

“Growing Friendships is the secret playbook you’ll wish you’d had when you were growing up. It’s packed with clever strategies that help kids handle the awkward, upsetting, and confusing social situations that happen to everyone. The fun cartoons make the advice light-hearted and easy to swallow.”

--Parents magazine, Diane Debrovner

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