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Content Marketing and Content Strategy

I recently earned a certificate in Content Strategy (a five-course specialization) from Northwestern University. Prior to that, I've been writing and editing content marketing and corporate communication pieces for private and nonprofit clients for decades. These include articles, advertorials, web sites, white papers, blogs, brochures, press releases, books, e-books and newsletters. Here are just a few of my samples.

Corporate History Book: BAYADA: 40 Years of Compassion, Excellence and Reliability

One of the highlights of my career was writing this book which chronicles the 40-year history of Bayada Home Health Care. The international company, based in Moorestown, NJ, wanted a personal yet professional history of the family-owned and operated business. I devoured the archives and interviewed dozens and dozens of employees, directors and the CEO. Each person nicer than the next--a true reflection of the company. Bayada gave the book to employees as gift to celebrate its 40th anniversary. It's also sold online.

Article for AbilityOne: Growing Plants and Blossoming Skills

I wrote this article for the federal agency, SourceAmerica, which publishes an annual magazine, AbilityOne. The article focuses on Melwood, which is a Maryland-based agency that provides jobs for people with disabilities. One of the jobs is landscaping the Kennedy Center, which employees have been doing since the late 1960s.

Article for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: No More Bullies

An article profiling the innovative anti-bullying program with inner city Philadelphia kids and researchers at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Ghostwritten Blog for Home Automation

I wrote a series of blogs for the home security company, This is one on home automation and includes an infographic. 

Article for Abington Hospital: One Heart, One Life, One Hospital

A woman with no risk factors to a life-threatening heart condition has her life saved.

Ghostwritten Blog for BAYADA Home Health Care: Benefits of Walking

This is a ghostwritten blog post about the benefits of walking for seniors for BAYADA Home Health Care. 

Advertorial of Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center

This is an advertorial I wrote about a local medical center for Suburban Family magazine.

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