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I've written about everything from animal actors and potty training baby dolls for boys to a scholar's Holocaust archives and the medical advances of the Human Genome Project. I write about whatever interests me (which is a lot!) but happen to have a focus in health/health care, pets, parenting, Philadelphia and people with disabilities. 


On this page, you'll find just a sampling of the several hundred articles I've written. For a more comprehensive look at many more of my stories, feel free to visit my portfolio on Or let me know if you're interested in any particular topic area and I can send you a sample.

Health and Health Care 


Bottom Line Women's Health (ghostwritten for expert)

Just Getting Older or Need to See a Doctor?

Abington Memorial Hospital

A Friendship Grows

Children's View/Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

No More Bullies! Anti-bullying Program

Kiwi Magazine

Boredom is Good for Kids

Suburban Family

The Divorce Impact

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